Vasudevan’s group has one paper in IEEE Transactions on CAD (TCAD)

Our paper “Emphasizing Functional Relevance Over State Restoration in Post-silicon Signal Tracing” establishes insufficiency of the state-of-the-art metric called State Restoration Ratio (SRR) to evaluate trace signal quality. It also presents a new post-silicon trace signal selection algorithm based on  PageRank. This paper demonstrates that optimizing SRR typically generates signals that are functionally irrelevant to the design and unusable for …

Best paper nomination at ASP-DAC 2019

The quality of the assertions is critical to the confidence and claims in a design’s verification! Our paper  A Figure of Merit for Assertions in Verification by Sam Hertz, Debjit Pal, and Shobha Vasudevan was nominated for the best paper award at ASP-DAC 2019. This presents an approach to rank assertions based on the key parameters that human beings look for to quantify “goodness” of …

Invited talk at Rebooting Conference

Prof. Shobha Vasudevan gave a presentation on “Verification in the era of machine learning” at the International Conference of Rebooting Computing. Read my paper here.

Talk at Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Shobha Vasudevan gave a talk on self-driving cars titled “(Self)-driving up the wall: how many million miles of test driving will convince us.” Had an enthusiastic audience.

Talk at VLSI Conference 2019

Prof. Shobha Vasudevan will be giving an invited tutorial talk on analog validation. Talk title “The black art of analog validation”

Watch out for our radical Post-Silicon validation paper in ICCAD 2015! (Best-paper candidate)

Our paper, “Can’t see the forest for the trees: State restoration’s limitations in selecting signals for post-silicon debug” systematically exposes the pitfalls of the state restoration ratio (SRR) signal selection methodologies of the past decade. It takes a first step in the direction of thinking differently about post-Silicon signal selection and opens it up for potentially better solutions.

ACM SIGDA Outstanding New Faculty Award

Prof Vasudevan wins the ACM SIGDA outstanding new faculty award. The award is given by ACM SIGDA to one junior faculty member who displays outstanding potential as an educator and/or researcher in the field of EDA. Many thanks to my students and collaborators for their role in this recognition.