Associate Editor, IEEE TCAD

Prof Shobha Vasudevan appointed as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD) from 2016-2018. Please submit your good papers to us!

Take a bow, Adel!

Seyed Nematollah Ahmadyan (Adel) defended hisĀ thesisĀ in front of a distinguished committee (Rob Rutenbar, Xin Li, Sayan Mitra, Martin Wong) with flying colors! What started as an analog verification and testing PhD, morphed into an optimization PhD by the time we were done! Adel’s DUPLEX algorithm is a randomized tree based search/sampling algorithm that can create directed analog stimulus, the worst …

Our paper nominated for best paper award at DAC 2018

Our paper “Application Level Hardware Tracing for Scaling Post-Silicon Debug” was nominated for the best paper award at DAC 2018. The paper demonstrates for the first time in published literature in post silicon in hardware tracing, an alternate viewpoint that can make the analysis scale up from tiny benchmarks to a real life SoC environment of the OpenSparc T2. It …

Talk at Google Brain

I gave a talk at Google Inc. in the Google Brain hardware group on current research in the group. Exciting directions.

In Stanford for 2017

I will be visiting the CS department at Stanford University in 2017. Looking forward to interacting and collaborating with my host Prof Subhashish Mitra and other faculty.

IBM Faculty Award

Prof. Shobha Vasudevan awarded the IBM faculty partnership award 2017 for post Silicon validation of many core systems

Congratulations Sai Ma, Rui Jiang and Tian Xia!

Sai Ma, winner of the DAC 2014 best paper award, graduated with an M.S. and joined Apple Corporation in the verification team. Rui Jiang with novel work on ESD induced reliability joined Apple as well as did Tian Xia with an M.S. thesis on neural network hardware implementation.

Congratulations Jiayi Duan!

Jiayi Duan from our group finished a master’s thesis on “Feature Engineering for Detecting Security Compromises in Enterprise Log Data”. He used a creative method based on Fourier Transforms to get more than 70% increased malicious recall on real enterprise log data. He will be working on machine learning problems in Amazon Inc. starting July 2016.

Post-Si paper nominated for Best Paper award in ICCAD 2015

Our paper, “Can’t see the forest for the trees: State restoration’s limitations in selecting signals for post-silicon debug” was nominated for best paper as one among 3 in ICCAD 2015. A journal paper will follow, demonstrating the scale of our technique on the OpenSparc T2.