Introduction to computing

Introductory course on computer hardware systems for freshmen and sophomores. Syllabus and class website can be found here.

  • Check out the video lectures
  • ECE 120 (formely ECE 290)
  • Spring 2011

Logic Synthesis

This senior level class teaches practically efficient algorithms for logic synthesis and verification that are in use in contemporary industry. It includes automatic methods for combinational and sequential design synthesis and equivalence checking, automatic test generation and technology mapping.

  • ECE462/CS462/MATH491
  • Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2010

Scalable system Verification

Graduate course on formal verification and simulation based verification algorithms for hardware and embedded systems. This covers aspects of digital and analog verification.

  • ECE 598SV (to be ECE 519)
  • Fall 2008, Fall 2009

Introduction to Big Data

This class is co-taught by several faculty members. I offered the course with feature extraction and feature engineering modules.

  • ECE 398BD